TNW Endorses Old Hickory Bat Company


TNW was combing through the Trade Show at the Baseball Winter Meetings this past December, and there were many bat companies present. Old Hickory Bat Company stood out as they were not driven by sales, but their passion for delivering the highest quality bat to their customers. The missing ingredient from the competition was the passion that Old Hickory Bats possesses on their mission to put the best bats in the hands of the hitters. After weeks of research TNW discovered that if you want a reliable bat and first rate customer service then contact Old Hickory Bat Company. Travis Copley of Old Hickory Bat was gracious enough to tell us about his company and even offer TNW readers a 10% discount after January 24th, 2011. Learn more about Old Hickory’s products and the discount!

I asked Travis to tell TNW a little about Old Hickory Bats:

“Old Hickory Bat Company was founded in the fall of 1999 in a garage just north of Nashville, TN.  At the time, there were only a few bat companies approved at the MLB level and not many of those would go out of their way to cater to the exact needs and specifications of players. So Old Hickory was started to bring in the best wood, craft it to the exact specs of all players (regardless of their level of play) and treat each person with the highest customer service possible.  We have been able to set ourselves apart by our craftsmanship, attention to detail, a few unique processes along the way and unmatched customer service. Old Hickory products are available direct and through several nationwide retail outlets (Baseball Express, Hitter’s Inc. and Just Bats to name a few).”

“We are a Christian based company and that goes a long way in defining our company and our path in baseball.  We don’t cut corners and we treat everyone the way that we would treat members of our own families. We strive to put the best products on the market and back them up with the best service we can offer.  Players such as Gordon Beckham (White Sox), Tyler Colvin (Cubs), Justin Maxwell (Nationals), Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds (Orioles) use Old Hickory bats during the course of the season.  We also offer a variety of products including the OH Pro gloves, coaching bats, baby bats (cut to the exact length of the newborn with his/her full name, birth date and birth weight engraved on the bat) and trophy bats.”


1.      What are customers saying about Old Hickory Bats?

 We regularly hear from customers that because we take the time to work individually with them, that the final product is exactly what they were looking for.  With our bats, we love hearing players tell us that Old Hickory Bats are some of the hardest, most durable bats they have hit with.  Good pop goes along way!
2. What is your best selling model?

Historically, the KG1, PWB1 and J143M have been 3 of our most popular models.  The TC10 and GB2, added this year to our catalog, already are climbing the sales charts for us.  Because we still consider ourselves a “custom bat” company, and everyone has the chance to design a model exactly how the want it, many times our “custom” models will out-sell our “stock” models.
3. Is your product available in retail sores?

Yes, they are.  Baseball Express, Hitter’s Inc and Just Bats are 3 of our biggest retail outlets here in the States.

TNW loves the baby bats and trophy bats as these are great gift ideas. Whether you are a sales manager looking to award performance in the office, or you have a slugger on your team that needs recognition. Trophy Bat with Engraving! Your fantasy league now has something worth playing for, so get your leagues trophy bat engraved today!

Now if you are looking for a reliable bat that is not reduced to splinters the first time a pitcher invades your kitchen, then look no further contact Old Hickory Bat Company today.

I asked Travis if he would offer a discount for our TNW readers.

He replied, “Absolutely!  I will have our web guy activate a 10% coupon code for your readers.”

Rough Riders you can use your discount after January 24th, 2011, and all you have to do is enter the coupon code TEDDY (ALL CAPS) on the order form at

Thank you Travis and Old Hickory Bats for being the official bat of TNW.

If you want a catalog or more information contact Travis Copley.

Travis Copley
VP / Sales and Marketing
Old Hickory Bat Company
(866) PRO BATS  toll free
615.285.3451  direct
615.584.3865  mobile
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