Zimmerman looking forward to watching Bryce Harper


It is of no secret that Bryce Harper has been the talk of the town amongst Nationals fans since being taken number 1 overall in the 2010 draft.

It has gotten to the point where pretty much you can’t even talk about the Nationals without someone bringing up the name Bryce Harper

Where will he start the season at in the minors?
Will he get called up this season?
Will he be on the opening day roster come 2011?

If you can think of a question having to do with Bryce Harper chances are a Nationals fan has already talked about it. And now even star 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman appears to be eager to see the kid play.

In an interview given by Zimmerman on Tuesday from Viera, Florida he had the following to say about Harper

"“He is obviously a Strasburgesque kind of thing, but not quite as much,”"

Zimmerman then continued on by saying

"“He went to the Fall League and did well. I hope he hits .300 wherever he is at, they call him up and he helps us win. It will be fun to watch him and see how he handles everything.”"

I’m right there with Zimmerman and am looking forward to the arrival of the Harper who is set to arrive at Spring Training this upcoming Sunday.

So make sure to keep checking back everyone to get your Bryce Harper fix this season because I definitely plan to keep you all up to date throughout the season on how Harper is doing this season.