5 thoughts while trying to follow yesterdays game


While trying to follow yesterdays game without being able to see or hear the actual game several thoughts crossed my mind yesterday afternoon

1. 8 hour tape delays completely suck….. Monday’s game started a little after 1pm but wasn’t shown on tv until 9:30 pm by which point I already know the final score and who would do what and when they would do it. Kind of took some of the excitement out of watching it but still I watched.

2. Games with no tv or radio coverage are even worse than 8 hour tape delays…… Tuesday’s game was not shown on tv nor was it played on the radio at least not here in the DC area. Thank goodness for live updated box scores and mlb game day play by play which managed to get me through the game. Still definitely not the same as actually seeing the game or hearing it described on the radio.

3. I still think they should have tried Mike Morse at first base to replace Adam Dunn. Granted I don’t think LaRoche was a bad signing but Morse was already here and I would have liked to see what he could do there as an every day player over an entire season.

It is possible Morse could still end up an every day player if he beats out Bernadina at left field. I’m one of those people though that sees upside and potential in Bernadina in both the field as well as at the plate. So I would have rather seen them both make it in the lineup this season but it don’t look like that will be happening at least not on a consistent basis.

4. The more I see from Danny Espinosa the more confident I am that he is the Nats long term answer at second base. He has all the tools as a fielder and as a hitter to become an outstanding second baseman.

5. I can’t wait until regular season so I’m guaranteed to be able to see or at least hear the games as they are actually being played.