Opening Day Rant

By Editorial Staff

Nats Town Nation stop the panic and the calls to 106.7 complaining about a lineup or roster issue. To the fans that understand how baseball is played this rant does not apply to you. However, the clowns that call in and complain about a 2-0 loss with these irrelevant issues need medication. The Nationals were in the opening day ball game until the last out, and last time I checked if you are in position to win a game in the last inning that is a good thing.

Ok! Yes, Adam Dunn hit a home run on opening day for the White Sox, and yes he would not have made any of the defensive plays that kept the Nationals in the ball game. Dunn is where he belongs and he should have the best season of his career with Chicago. No runs were scored by the Nationals, but remember the wind kept two would be home runs in the park.

Atlanta scored their first run on the impressive effort by Larry Jones. Sorry his name is Larry. After falling to a torn ACL, and then in unfriendly conditions Larry tore around the bases with two outs as if he were 18 again. Tack on the Heyward bomb and that was the difference in the ball game. Livan settled in and the bullpen turned the lights off allowing the Nationals the opportunity to win the game. The batting order had nothing to do with the loss, as Atlanta played a little harder. This game could have easily been a 6-0 ball game, but the Nationals defense showed what it can do. Todd Coffey and Tyler Clippard mowed down a potent line up, and what a performance by Sean Burnett. Have to recognize the effort by this pitching staff as they allowed only 2 runs on five hits WITH ONLY ONE WALK! Opening day was a classic PITCHERS DUEL!

Pay attention when you watch these ball games to what counts, so you don’t embarrass yourself on the phone call to 106.7. Yes the offense was stagnant but in 162 games you are going to have those games where you fail to score. This team will score more runs than last year, guaranteed.

Now here is the tongue lashing! When there are runners on first and third, LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!Stop wearing your Cardinals gear to the Nats/Braves game telling everyone that your a Nats fan, but you grew up watching Bob Gibson. If your a Nats Fan, then wear some Nats gear. If you are wearing a St. Louis jersey then you are a Cardinals fan living in DC.