Nats squander chances in loss to Giants

By Editorial Staff

Saturday was an all around rough day for the Nationals as they announced their best player will undergo surgery Tuesday and then they went out and lost a game the Giants practically tried to give away.

If someone would have told me that the Nats would draw 9 walks, have 3 batters hit by a pitch and load the bases in the 1st, 2nd and 9th inning well I would have thought Nats win…. and I would have been wrong.

In total the Nationals left 12 runners stranded and 3 times ended an inning with the bases loaded. Between walks and batters being hit by a pitch the Giants put a Nationals hitter on base 12 times without them having to get a hit.

What were the Nationals able to do with the opportunities given them? They produced just 1 run over 9 innings and managed only 2 hits for the game.

Following the game Adam LaRoche said “I don’t think there’s any question when you’re not scoring a lot of runs and leaving guys out there, it starts to wear on you as a team,”.

And he is right games like Saturday’s game can wear on a team and are the types of losses you definitely have to avoid. Best way to rebound from a bad loss is by following it up with a good win and that is exactly what the Nats hope to do today when they take on the Giants in game 3 of a 4 game series.

On the mound for the Nationals will be right hander Jordan Zimmermann who is  looking to rebound from 2 back to back bad starts.

The start time of the game is 1:35