Chiefs making effort to draw more minorities to baseball

By Editorial Staff

According to the recent 2010 census estimates for the first time in the history of the United States babies of what would be considered a minority race now make up the majority of the babies in the United States.

This is a trend that more than likely will continue on thus making the the outreach to attract not only a more diverse fan base but to also get more youth involved of all races interested in playing that much more important. Despite a growing increase in the overall minority population the Syracuse Chiefs had no African American or Asian American players on their opening day roster. This is something that the Chiefs have made a point of interest and have begun to lay out plans in order to try and help remedy the problem that is the lack of interest in baseball amongst many minorities.

Part of what the Chiefs have planned and are working on doing to help address the situation is sending players more frequently in to city schools and minority communities. The Chiefs have also committed $25,000 towards the launch of a non-profit charity geared towards helping with the outreach effort and hope to get donations from other private parties to help towards the charity. On top of the charity the Chiefs also expressed an interest in sponsoring minor league baseball teams as well.

Me personally having grown up in what would be considered a minority community I saw first hand growing up how the older I got the less interested the people I grew up around became in baseball. So while what the Chiefs are hoping to do may not seem like a whole lot to some it is definitely nice to see the effort being made.