Go to bat for charity!!!

By Editorial Staff

State Farm and Major League Baseball have joined forces in order to raise money for a various number of well deserving charities and you can help them out….

Now I know what you are thinking and no you would not have to make a monetary donation of any type instead all you have to do to raise the money is play a quick and easy online game called the State Farm Go To Bat Home Run Derby which can be found at


Both the signup and the game itself are pretty easy to figure out. You start by signing up and then you pick a charity from a long list of pre selected charities, you then type in a small explanation as to why you picked that charity and now you are ready to play ball. The actual game itself is played by either left clicking your mouse pad or hitting the space bar on your keyboard when you feel the ball is in the right spot to hit out the park.

Oh and by playing the game you also make yourself eligible to win a trip to this years World Series. The contest is set to run for 10 weeks with a different winner each week. I am pretty sure the contest is in week 3 so there is still some time to give it a shot. I’d definitely say its worth the minute or two it will take to play a game. I just started playing tonight and am going to bat for the American Heart Association. I picked the American Heart Association because not only is it a very worthy cause in general but I’ve known a number of people who have been effected by various forms of heart ailments.

So if you are the type who likes to help a good cause or if you just want a free shot at winning a trip to the World Series go check it out and play a game or two or three which is the limit allowed per day for each player.