DOD Mailbag


It has been a little while since I have done this but I’ve decided to bring back the DOD mailbag so if you have any question pertaining to any of the major or minor league players in the Nationals organization drop me an email at

"Do you think the Nats are rushing Strasburg back too fast? -Jazmine Turner"

I’ve heard a lot of varying opinions on this topic and there are points to be made for each side but personally I’m fine with the way they are bringing him along in his recovery.

If you listen to some people like Rob Dibble they would have you believe they are rushing him back too early just for the money but I really disagree with that way of thinking. To me I would think that a healthy Strasburg is worth more money long term than what they would make on bringing him back before he is fully ready and run the risk of causing further damage to his arm. Plus his major league return will come a little over a year after having had the tommy john surgery which is not really unheard of now.

"Would you bring back Livan next season?- Andre Washington"

Would I bring him back as a starter? Probably not because at this point it is looking like the Nationals could have a pretty solid rotation next year from top to bottom without having to bring back Livan.

For the 2012 season I’d actually like to see a five man rotation of Strasburg, Zimmermann, Lannan and in the final two spots I’d leave open for either Detwiler, Peacock, Milone or Wang if they can resign Wang for cheap.

Now it may sound crazy because I have not heard much talk of it but maybe Livan can come back next season out of the bullpen and then move to the starting rotation when guys like Strasburg and Zimmermann reach their inning count limit.

"Between Milone and Peacock which one are you looking forward more to seeing this September after the call ups?- Mathias"

While I do love watching the big arms like a Brad Peacock I’m actually more interested in seeing how well Milone will be able to transition in to the major leagues. I’ve heard such a wide range of opinions on him from some people comparing him to pitchers like Tom Glavine and saying he will be fine to others saying he will not transition well at all. I have not seen him pitch a whole lot but I have seen him pitch some at the minor league level and was extremely impressed by the control and command of his pitches that he showed.

It’s definitely not often that I get excited to see the major league debut of a guy who’s fastball sits in the high 80s but this is one time I’m really looking forward to it.