Zimmermann for Montero?


Every organization has a few cornerstone players (or prospects) who they just simply wouldn’t normally consider trading under any circumstances. For the Nationals that list likely includes Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann, Ryan Zimmerman, and Bryce Harper. It’s always fun to speculate, however, what the team could get should they ever make one of those players available via trade.

Over at River Ave. Blues, Joe Pawlikowski took a look at the reasoning behind why the New York Yankees will not trade top prospect Jesus Montero this offseason. The argument is really a fairly simple one and I don’t see Montero going anywhere. He’s the best offensive prospect the organization has developed in a number of years and they need to work him into their lineup. But at the end of his piece, Pawlikowski concludes that if the Yankees ever were to make Montero available, there are only three players he would feel comfortable acquiring in such a deal. One of those players happens to our very own Jordan Zimmermann.

To give him credit, Pawlikowski admits very quickly that he doesn’t see any reason why the Nationals would consider dealing the soon-to-be 26 year old. There’s no reason to believe the organization envisions a rotation without both Zimmermann and Strasburg in it. While a simple idea in the grand scheme of things, you have to find it interesting to read what other teams’ fans think about your team’s players in terms of their potential trade value. Fortunately for Nationals fans, we can safely say Zimmermann is not going anywhere.