26 Become Minor League Free Agents


Baseball America has the long list of all 537 players who officially became minor league free agents yesterday. The Washington organization has 26 players on that list. If you’re interested in the full list I’ll let you head over to BA yourself, but there were a few notables names worth mentioning. Pitchers lost to free agency include J.D. Martin, Shairon Martis, Garrett Mock, and Oliver Perez. The only notable position players were first baseman Michael Aubrey and outfielder Gregor Blanco.

Second baseman Matt Antonelli also became a free agent. While have never reached the Majors with Washington (he did have a brief stint with San Diego in 2008), Matt has always been very open to his fans and was kind enough to exchange a few emails with me last January for a Q&A. You may read that here if interested.