Looking Ahead to 2012


With a new year officially beginning it seems like a good time to take stock of where we stand here at District on Deck. And, of course, it only seems logical to glance at where we’re going.

DoD has truly taken great strides as a whole over the course of 2011. For starters, the site underwent a complete name change – perhaps the biggest difference from one year ago. This space and this segment of the FanSided Network was formerly known as Teddy Never Wins. There were other sites out there with a similar name to TNW and ultimately DoD was born.

There have been multiple changes to our staff structure as well, since the start of 2011. Numerous writers and a handful of editors have come and gone. They each came and left for a variety of reasons, but ultimately left their mark on the site’s history for time to come.

The current staff structure that you see, however, started to assemble this past October. Since that time DoD has seen a record number of visits and pageviews. We’ve set and broken those records each of the past three months. That’s all thanks to you, the readers. Those that bookmarked us. Those that subscribe to our RSS feed. Those that follow us on Twitter and liked our Facebook page. It’s you readers that make this site successful.

Near the end of 2011 we published our first Top Prospects list. We began a series of Past Trade Reviews, which we’ll finish up in the coming year. There will be more series just like them to engage our readers while examining the history of the Nationals, not just the team of today. We’re hoping to also start a regular mailbag segment, where you guys will get to send in your questions.

2012 will be a big year for us here at DoD. The Nationals will be respectable, potentially even a playoff contender. The team will keep us flush with topics, on and off the field. We’ll continue to analyze and discuss each roster move both made and rumored. We’ll speculate on potential moves and changes to the lineup. Anything and everything Nationals baseball related will be a possible post idea.

But we also want to know what makes you readers tick. What do you guys want to see here at DoD? Let your suggestions and ideas be heard. Leave us a comment or send me an email – whatever you’re more comfortable with.

2011 was a huge year for DoD, thanks to you guys, our readers. 2012 will be even better.

Happy New Year’s to you all!

Your DoD staff,

– Aaron, Editor & Lead Writer

– Michael, Staff Writer

– Andrew, Staff Writer