Former National Dmitri Young Attempting Comeback


News broke a few weeks ago that former 1st Round draft pick and two-time All Star Dmitri Young was attempting to make a comeback to Major League Baseball. Young, now 38, last appeared in a game during the 2008 season, with the Washington Nationals.

Now, I tend to avoid saying anything negative about the more prominent media networks. That’s partly because I still read (most) of the content they produce and would jump at the opportunity to work for them, if an offer ever came. But the quality of the writing at ESPN lately (excluding Buster Olney, who despite popular opinion is a writer I generally enjoy reading) has been trending downhill (ever since they “let” Rob Neyer leave, now that I think about it). I’m not sure what’s causing the change – be it something they are doing differently or something about what I prefer that has changed. But, it’s been a disappointing trend for me.

However, even after saying all of that, on Thursday afternoon Jerry Crasnick posted a piece that is an absolute must read.

Crasnick was able to spend some time with Young, getting to know him personally while learning about all that Young has overcome over the past few years. The guy has not had it easy since leaving the game, particularly since some of these things were what caused him to leave in the first place. But you have to give him one heck of a lot of credit. Young’s lost nearly 100 pounds since he last played in the Majors (he’s down to about 232 pounds, from a playing weight between 275-320 pounds). He feels great and is willing to work for his opportunity.

It’s Friday and it’s been a quiet week from a Nationals baseball standpoint, but at least we have a good story to read heading into the weekend. Spring Training is just 37 days away.