Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects


This morning Baseball America formally released their 2012 Top 100 Prospects list. They are the last of the major outlets to publish their list and often the one most frequently cited. The Nationals placed two players on the list – though that figure would have doubled had this list been published prior to the Gio Gonzalez trade (Brad Peacock, #36 and A.J. Cole, #57).

As we’ve seen on nearly all of the other rankings, the top three names on BA’s list are none other than Bryce Harper, Matt Moore, and Mike Trout. The trio has been linked together for the past few months but each site and prospect guru seems to have their own opinion on what order they should rank. BA has them in the same order you see here, with Harper as the top prospect in baseball.

A little further down the list Anthony Rendon checks in, at #19 overall. BA ranks him as a third baseman but the expectation is that he’ll work all across the infield this Spring as his future position with the Nationals remains uncertain. Second base, the most commonly presumed position he’ll play, is the rarest commodity in BA’s rankings with only two falling in the Top 100.

While the Nationals may only have two players appear on the list, both do sit in the top quarter of the rankings – a strong statement when you think about it.