Writers Wanted At District On Deck


Seven months ago when I joined the FanSided Network and started running this site, District on Deck, one of the broader goals I hoped to achieve was the growth of DoD within the Natosphere. To date we’ve been able to accomplish some of that growth, thanks in part to the great team of writers I’ve been able to assemble here at DoD, but we’re not quite where we want to be. We want to keep growing in order to become the first stop for all of the Nationals related news and analysis a fan could need.

But in order to accomplish such a goal, we’ve come to realize that there is room for some additional voices to join the DoD staff. So for those of you who think you might have some interest in writing about the Nationals, here is your chance to prove it. The qualifications are fairly simple:

  • No prior writing experience is necessary, though it is helpful. If you can spell and have a solid understanding of the English language that’s typically a good enough start.
  • Should have a working knowledge of the game of baseball and the Nationals in general.
  • Be eager to share your thoughts and opinions. Must be open to receiving criticism.
  • Must be interested in having fun while doing all this position entails.

Network wide, the Staff Writer is expected to contribute a minimum of 4 posts per month, or roughly one per week, with an ideal production total of 10 posts per month. There will be various projects we do as a site that your participation will also be requested.

Any individuals familiar with developing an audience through social media such as Facebook and Twitter are encouraged to apply.

Any questions that I can answer or address on the matter may be directed via email. If you are interested in applying, please follow this link and complete our FanSided application.

Update, 5/21/12 – All of the interest we’ve received has been fantastic. We’ve elected to add four new voices to the staff, who’s work you’ll start to see on the site shortly. Thanks again for your interest.