Review: Nationals Park April Promotional Schedule


Getting free stuff with your team’s logo emblazoned across it is one of the best parts of going to a baseball game. Sure it is useless, but who cares? It’s free! The following is an unscientific analysis of the Nationals April promotional schedule.

August 4, 2012;Washington D. C., USA; A general view of the stadium behind home plate prior to the game against the Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This post will only review promos of tangible items that can be taken home. So $1 Hot Dog Night, Beltway Burger Pack, Miller Lite Party Night, Kid Run the Bases, Harris Teeter Family Fun Pack, and Military Appreciation Day will not be reviewed.

April looks like a light month for giveaways, but check out the Nationals website to find out more information on deal nights.

Monday, April 1: Opening Day Cap

Baseball fans always need more hats, especially if they are baseball hats. Whether it is to add to a stack in the garage or to hide encroaching baldness, hats are always nice keepsake. On opening day, the first 20,000 fans to the park will receive a Nats cap with some sort of GEICO logo on it. The hat looks ok, but the red curly W does not contrast well with the red hat.

Rating: Flank Steak

Saturday, April 13: Bobblehead #1

No word on the Nationals website on who the coveted bobblehead will be. Doesn’t matter; it is one of the best things to get at the park and the first 15,000 fans will get some kind of a bobblehead on April 13.

Rating: Filet Mignon

Exhibition Day Bonus!

20,000 fans will receive a 2013 schedule magnet for the Nationals March 29 tune-up against the Yankees. Refrigerators always seem naked without magnets. For fridges that need some snazzy new bling, or for another excuse to stare at it for a few minutes longer after forgetting why you opened it in the first place, this magnet will do nicely.

Rating: N.Y. Strip

That’s it for April. The swag starts to ramp up in May when the Nationals will give away cups, backpacks, and more.