NOOOOOOO – Dusty Baker Interested in Managing the Nats



So apparently Dusty Baker is interested in managing the Nationals. All, I have to say is no. But seriously, no. Mike Rizzo shouldn’t even take that call as a courtesy. While, I’m sure Dusty Baker is a super duper nice guy who donates toothpicks and wrist bands to third world countries, no.

That’s it, that’s my whole argument against Dusty Baker as manager of the Nats, NO. When I first learned about this my mind immediately flashed to William Shatner screaming “Khan” at the top of his lungs, except he was saying “NOOOOOOO!” I mean I felt like Michael Scott when he learns that Toby has returned to Scranton.  The idea is so awful, so terrible the only thing I can do is keep repeating the word, NO.

Emma Span at did a great job of providing a well thought out and reasoned assessment of Dusty Baker as a manager that was much more eloquent than I intend to be. Hiring Dusty Baker is no different than hiring Joe Morgan or any of the other Luddites in baseball who refuse to accept math as an analytical tool.

Baker is a great clubhouse guy who is well-liked by players, but unless the Nationals want Stephen Strasburg’s name to be synonymous with Mark Prior they should probably avoid hiring Baker. Also, no, just no. (You see, even semi-rational thoughts are followed by no, no, just no.)

Perhaps it’s because I grew up a Giants fan and in 2002 they had not won a World Series in either mine or my father’s life, but they were about to do it in spite of Dusty Baker. But Dusty decided when Russ Ortiz gave up a few Texas Leaguers and 32 hoppers through the infield it was a good idea to turn to an overworked bullpen anchored by Rob Nen who pitched valiantly with a shoulder that was held together with paper clips, big league chew and an old Steve Bedrosian baseball card. The rest is a blur, there was a gameball, a stupid monkey and Scott Spiezio. NO, seriously Riz, NO, don’t even think about it. Bring back Riggleman, heck bring back Rick Eckstein, I don’t care, just don’t hire Dusty Baker.

In closing, NO, but seriously, no, no, no, no. NO means NO, but also NO.