Nationals Latest From GM Meetings


Hot stove season is in full throttle and the Nationals are in some talks. According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, the Nats’ are open to upgrading the roster. Here is what all that has been happening at the GM Meetings.

As we have been updating you about the status of current Nats’ players, things have changed a bit. Today is the last day of the GM Meetings and Rizzo is saying that he isn’t trying to trade Denard Span. Earlier in the week Span was brought into rumors just after one season with the Nats’. This is huge in my opinion. Span is decent with the bat, but he does a good job of setting the table for the middle of the lineup and plays excellent defense. There are many guys doing both of those things in the Majors today in center field.

Another thing coming out is that Rizzo is going to be careful with draft picks. We all know that the Nats’ have done pretty well in the draft and wouldn’t be where they are now, if it wasn’t for the draft. Draft picks are usually just guys you hope turn out to be great major league players, and the Nats’ have two guys that are making their way down that path.

The thing that most fans want to know and will love is that Rizzo is willing to spend the cash. In this day and age you have to willing to spend the cash in order to win. You want the best players? You are going to have to pay them what they ask or someone else will. That is the game now. There aren’t many guys loyal to their team anymore. They are all in search of the money, and can you blame them?

These are all good things for the Nats’ and it is just beginning. Nothing is set in stone yet as this is just the cement before the concrete. This all takes time, but things should be happening quickly, because as you have seen, teams aren’t afraid to throw money around.