District On Deck: Morning Coffee 11/17


A very slow baseball news day leaves our morning coffee with very few links, but there was one huge story about Bryce Harper. It has now come out that Harper could have a contract issue. He was given a major league contract when he was drafted and now the Nats’ have questions about his arbitration seasons. Will he get his contract problems out of the way? Will this situation change his play on the field. Here is the link to a post that explains how everything is going to work with Harper’s contract.

There hasn’t been any other news or rumors of the Nationals moving Denard Span at this point. GM’s were just throwing out names it seems and nothing really got serious in Orlando. We still have the Winter Meetings to look forward to in December, this is when things will really start to heat up. Until then, let’s just believe that Denard Span will be back in center field for the Nats’ next season and doing what he does best, play defense.

Nats’ are also still looking for lefty bullpen arms to bolster the pen for 2014. Nothing more has come out about players they are looking in to at this point and time.

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