Bronson Arroyo an Option for Washington Nationals


Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The search continues for possible players to take over the fourth spot in the starting rotation. Next on the list of candidates is Bronson Arroyo. He is a free agent after spending the last eight seasons in Cincinnati.

He gives up about four runs per nine innings on average but for a fourth starter, you can’t really ask for much more. He will give you some great outings and others won’t be as good. He will also give up the long ball. The one thing you can count on from Arroyo is innings. He has averaged about 210 per season over his career.

Starting pitching is skyrocketing in terms of salary. Just today Scott Kazmir got paid $22 million over the next two seasons by the Oakland Athletics. That is a little much in my opinion for a guy with his past. But the A’s needed a veteran and they had to pay the price.

Mike Rizzo will now have to pay the price. Either by signing a veteran or by letting two young, inexperienced, pitchers take the last two spots in the rotation.

Does Arroyo fit into the payroll is the next question… Yes he does. He will be cheap as he will be 37 on Opening Day and should only be asking for a two-year deal. The Nats should be able to sign him to less than $10 for the two years combined. That is a very solid deal for the Nats and Arroyo who is winding down on a rather good career. Rizzo should at least think about it when going over possible options to help fill out the rotation.