Robinson Cano Possibly A National?


Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

These past 24 hours have been crazy on the trade front. The Nationals acquiring, or stealing as many would like to put it, Doug Fister from the Tigers, as well as a number of other trades going on around the league. The big name free agents, however, have not been close to a deal with any team. Teams are in on guys like Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin Shin Choo, and, of course, Robinson Cano.

Cano and his agent, Jay Z, have been in talks with the Yankees about returning to the Bronx, but talks have still been far apart. Cano has been rumored to want a contract of 10 years $300 million and the Yankees are not willing to do that. The latest report, from the New York Post, has the two sides still $100 million apart from a deal. The article says, Cano and ROC Nation Sports’ (Jay Z’s agency) latest offer to the Yankees was a nine year deal worth around $250-260 million, while the Yankees countered with a seven year, $160-175 million deal.

The Yankees have been the favorite all along in the Cano sweepstakes, but could there be another team lurking to sweep up the all star second baseman? You guessed it, the Nationals could be that team. The signing of Cano for the Nats makes complete sense. As long as the money is right, Cano would be a perfect option long term at second. Also with this, there can be other pieces that fall into place perfectly for the Nats.

If Cano signs, that would make Anthony Rendon a bench guy. Or would it? Here is a scenario:

Cano signs to be the second baseman

Rendon moves from second to third

Ryan Zimmerman then moves from third to first (which has been a plan you would think because of the arm troubles).

But what about Adam LaRoche? He can be put on the block and traded to a team with a first base hole, such as Colorado or Tampa Bay.

This is a long shot dream, but it possibly could work. If Cano signs, along with Fister being acquired Monday, the Nationals would have to be the favorite to win the NL East in 2014 and possibly make it a season to remember by winning the World Series. Plus, they will have everyone back for 2015 and beyond.