The On Deck Circle: Episode One


It has finally happened, District On Deck, is podcasting! The site has planned to do this for a while now, and we have got it put together and underway. It will be a weekly show, hosted hopefully on Wednesday nights.

Today we debuted the podcast and were joined by guest Matt Snyder from Motor City Bengals. MCB is the Detroit Tigers site here on FanSided and since the Doug Fister deal went down, we figured we would get his opinion on all the madness that happened and his first thoughts.

We also break down what we think the Winter Meetings will look like for the Nats now that Rizzo has gone out and got Doug Fister and if he is willing to spend anymore major amounts of money.

You can access the podcast here: The On Deck Circle: Episode One 

We would like to thank Matt Snyder for joining us, as he did a great job of giving us some information on Doug Fister that we didn’t know before! Give it a listen and some feedback so we know how to get better in bringing this new form of media to you, the fans!