Winter Meetings: Washington Nationals Day 1


The Winter Meetings have begun and things are moving at a very slow pace. Many teams are talking about making moves but none are putting ink to the paper just yet. This isn’t much of a surprise as most General Managers set the groundwork at the meetings for something big later on in the winter.

For the Nationals things are moving at an even slower pace because the needs for the team are very limited. Left-handed relievers and a couple bench guys are the most the Nationals need at this point. There have been several names thrown out by Mike Rizzo about who he wants to get to bolster the bullpen. Some of them include, Eric O’Flaherty, J.P. Howell and Scott Downs. Boone Logan could also be an option but he has said he wants to be a set-up guy and that most likely can’t happen with the Nationals.

One of the major rumors going around about the Nats is Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard. Both are wanted by the Chicago Cubs, but Storen is the main guy they want. The Cubs believe he can close for them next season. These talks are just starting so don’t expect anything to happen any time soon. One thing the Cubs have is lefty reliever James Russell. That could be the arm Rizzo picks up to bolster the bullpen, and still have money left over to get one more lefty.

Things should start to brew a little more on day two, and we will keep you updated as the news comes to us.