MLB to Eliminate Home Plate Collisions


The first step has been made in eliminating home-plate collisions. The MLB has approved the elimination of home plate collisions per Bob Nightengale.

Nightengale goes on to say that there could be fines and suspensions for home-plate collisions. This is all coming from two seasons ago and the Buster Posey incident, along with some smaller ones in 2012-’13.

Nightengale points out that this still has to be approved by all MLB clubs and the Players Union.

Is this a good idea? Eh, I don’t know just yet. It wouldn’t be an issue if the catchers would keep their equipment on and stop throwing the face mask away. I understand that it is difficult to see the ball while keeping it on in that type of play, but you still have to be protected.

Now we are going to see the issue of guys getting injured because they have to slide. There could be more rolled ankles or guys injuring themselves by sliding into the catcher.

Lastly, umpires have discretion as to if it is a slide or not. This is absolutely crazy. Umpires can’t get a safe or out call right, how are they going to decide if he slid or not.

Buster Olney also points this out…

Remember, this all still has to be approved by MLB clubs and Players Union, this is only the first step in the process. Nothing is set in stone.