Washington Nationals Wish List


The holiday season is among us and we are just that much closer to baseball being back into our lives. So today I come to you with a wish list for the Washington Nationals for 2014.

Health: If the Nationals can stay healthy, they are one of the most feared teams in all of baseball. Multiple people believe the Nationals now have the most complete starting rotation in baseball with the addition of Doug Fister. If all five pitchers can stay relatively healthy for most of the season, that gives the Nationals a chance to win a lot of games. Along those same lines, Bryce Harper and Wilson Ramos also have to stay healthy. Mike Rizzo went out and got Nate McLouth for this reason alone. He doesn’t know if Bryce Harper can stay healthy. Rizzo is currently looking for a backup catcher in case of the same thing behind the dish that has happened in the last two seasons, Ramos being out for the majority of the season.

Passion: Show passion throughout the entire season and put the division away when you can. Don’t let the Atlanta Braves hang around and snatch it away at the end of the season. When you get a division lead, hold on to it and extend it as much as possible.

Aggressiveness: This one isn’t something that has been around the Nationals all that much here lately. Bryce Harper is aggressive but he can’t be the only one. In 2014 every player needs to be aggressive. At the plate, on the bases, in the field, on the mound, be aggressive. No holding back. If you give it everything you got for 162 games and get a little luck along the way, things should fall your way. The laid back teams are the ones that struggle in this league, be aggressive and come out on top.

The Nationals have a great team, but having a great team doesn’t just hand them wins. They will have to prove it on the field like everyone else. This wish list is things that should help them do just that. Having all three of these things will give the Nationals a great chance of making it to the promise land in the end. We as fans, just have to stay behind them, even when things don’t fall our way. Stay patient and be willing to struggle in times, but be ready for a lot more success than failure in 2014.