Hall of Fame: DoD Ballot’s

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Darlene Langley 

1.  Edgar Martinez- Should have been voted in before now.  He’s sporting a .312 batting average over an 18 year career.  He’s been punished in the balloting for being a DH, which isn’t fair.  Good hitting, mediocre fielders get into the Hall (Ted Williams didn’t win any gold gloves folks) based on hitting only.  Martinez deserves consideration for his hitting ability.

2.  Tom Glavine- No brainer.  2 Cy Young awards, 10 All Star appearances, 305 wins.

3.  Greg Maddux- Even more of a no brainer.  355 wins, 4 Cy Young awards, 8 All Star appearances, and an incredible 18 Gold Gloves.

4.  Luis Gonzalez– Not only did he have a great career, but deserves to be in for getting the game winning hit off Mariano Rivera in Gave 7 of the 2001 World Series to give the Diamondbacks the Series win over the Yankees.  Seriously, who does that to Rivera?

5.  Jeff Kent- Transformed the 2nd base position from defense only to show offensive production can come from that spot in the lineup.  All time leader in home runs among 2nd basemen and had 90 plus RBI for nine consecutive years.

6.  Mike Mussina- One of those pitchers who was capable of throwing a perfect game every time he took the mound over his 18 year career.  Came heartbreakingly close to perfection at least six times.  270 win career.

7.  Curt Schilling- I can’t help it–those images of Schilling with the bloody sock in the 1994 postseason.  Getting stitched up before each game he pitched–he deserves to get in.  His 20 year career deserves it too.  Contentious relationship with the media will hurt him for HOF balloting.  Journalists can be a petty bunch.

8.  Frank Thomas- .301 BA, 521 career home runs, 2 time AL MVP, 5 time All Star.  Only player in MLB history to have seven consecutive seasons of hitting at least .300 and have at least 100 walks, 100 runs, 100 RBI’s and 20 home runs.  Another no brainer.