Washington Nationals: News & Links 1/19


The Washington Nationals haven’t made any moves since signing five players to deals, but some former Nationals found new homes on Saturday. John Lannan will be headed back to New York (NL), on a Minor League deal. This is something that broke yesterday afternoon and it is good to see Lannan getting another chance. Lannan signed with the Mets with the shot to earn a rotation spot in the absence of Matt Harvey. You can read about this move here.

While surfing the web for other opinions about the Nationals I found one about A.J Cole. Anton Joe of Pro Sports Extra did a piece on why Cole should have a shot at closing games for the Nationals this season. This is a little far fetched in my opinion, but it is a good read and gives you something to think about for the future. You can read the article on Cole here.

To go along with Cole, be sure to come back later today and read about how Pablo Roa believes that Drew Storen deserves a shot at the closers role. A lot of bullpen talk the last couple of days and it will be something to talk about all season, because it can be great or terribly wrong. We want the first of the two for sure.

Also big news is Pablo Roa will be at Nats Fest representing us well. He will be giving updates throughout the day as well will have an article on his experience and how he thought the event went. If you happen to run into him next Saturday be sure to say Hi!