Fister, Clippard Expected to Get One-Year Deal


According to William Ladson, Doug Fister and Tyler Clippard are expected to sign one-year deal’s instead of extensions.

Doug Fister asked for $8.75 million, while the Nationals offered him $5.75 million. That is a huge difference in money and negotiations are underway to try to close that gap.

Tyler Clippard asked for $6.35 million, while the Nationals offered him $4.45 million. This isn’t as large a gap, but for a bullpen arm you wouldn’t expect it to be.

The best thing for the Nationals would to be to have these deals finished before they have to go to arbitration. If they have to go to arbitration, they will not like what they hear with Doug Fister.

It was a little surprising to hear that Fister wouldn’t get an extension, but after the two deals they have already made and more to come next year, it could be a smart move by Rizzo and the Nationals. Fister could be worth $17 million on the free-agent market, so the Nationals want to keep him from getting there.

On the other hand, Clippard’s dollar amount is not a surprise. He had a great season and wants to be paid for it. The Nationals want to make a team-friendly deal. For a bullpen arm that doesn’t pitch in the ninth, Clippard can’t be too greedy with money.

These deals should be made within the next two weeks as Spring Training is right around the corner, so stay tuned.