Down on the Farm: Checking in on the Nationals’ Top-10 Prospects

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One of the benefits of the offseason is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect on last season and look forward to next year and beyond – a future that will undoubtedly be shaped not only by the team’s current big league stars, but also by the youngsters that are working their way up the minor league ladder.

Over the last several weeks, we have been counting down the Nationals’ top-10 prospects (as ranked by and breaking down what they have accomplished so far in their young professional careers. We have also predicted if and when they will be ready to contribute at the big league level and where we expect to see them in 2015.

In this slideshow we will bring you the highlights of the series, which we completed yesterday with right-hander Lucas Giolito.

Some of these names are well-known throughout the baseball world, while others are players that you may never have heard of before. Regardless of how prominent these players are in the ever-evolving world of the game’s rising stars, all of them will have an impact on the future of the Nationals and it’s important to monitor their progress as they continue on their path to the big leagues.