Nationals Opinions: Top 5 Nationals 2015 Promotions

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2. Anthony Rendon Garden Gnome

Last year, the Nationals did their first ever Garden Gnome featuring Jayson Werth, and the district went nuts. The gnomes were going on EBay for well over $50 and it was the must have item of this year. This year, the Nationals are rolling out a similar Gnome featuring Mr. Anthony Rendon.

Besides the fact that “Rendon Gnome” sounds awesome, this little guy is sure to be just as popular. He will have a rocking beard, and will scare away any pest in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can keep him inside and make him your new best friend because there may never be anything cooler than a Rendon Gnome. I would expect that this game will have lines to get in and go for similar prices on EBay. The Nationals may have started a tradition with this gnome thing, and Anthony Rendon is the perfect candidate to keep it rolling. I am thinking of maybe a Tanner Roark one for next here.

We can only hope that the gnome will lead to even more success from the coolest National around. Maybe even an MVP year. Last year the Nats had a lucky cat doll, but maybe the gnome can be a token good luck item for them this year. In any case, you can get this mini Rendon on August 25 (first 25,000).

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