Washington Nationals Analysis: Rookies Making Huge Impact In 2015

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Clint Robinson

Clint Robinson entered the 2015 campaign a 30-year old prospect who had yet to get more than a cup of coffee in the majors. Bouncing around from team to team, no MLB club really gave him a chance to put his talents on display up on the big stage. After making the Opening Day roster for the first time in his career, Robinson still was thought of as nothing more than a left-handed bat on the bench with a little pop. Four months later, he has proven to be one of the more valuable pieces on the Nationals roster.

Hitting .264/.345/.408 in 83 games with 18 extra base hits and 21 RBI’s while spending time at first base, left field, and right field, Clint Robinson has held his own. Even pitching a scoreless inning in relief, he has come out of nowhere as Matt Williams’ go to bench player. Under team control through the 2020 season, he may be that go-to players for the Nats for the next several years.

With Zimmerman’s, Werth’s, and Span’s eventual returns to the lineup, there isn’t much opportunity for Robinson to play every day anymore. However, as it pushes the likes of Matt den Dekker and Emmanuel Burriss off the 25-man roster, he is certainly an upgrade on the bench. Having hit cleanup for a majority of the season and behind a player like Bryce Harper, he has been in plenty of tight situations with runners on and performed well. As the Nats look towards the postseason with high aspirations, Robinson is certainly a major player in Williams’ plan.