Washington Nationals: The State Of The Franchise

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Starting 2017, where are the Washington Nationals headed? The team is in better shape than imagined, largely because of you the fans.

My fellow Washington Nationals fans, the state of the franchise is strong.

As we start headlong into the 2017 season, all the hand wringing from this offseason is both good and misplaced.

It is good because it means that you care. You want to win. This team cannot win without out you. Why? You are the ones who buy the tickets, eat the food, watch Bob and F.P. on a hot summer night while wearing the lucky hat.

Misplaced in the sense the Nats remain the odds-on favorites to repeat as National League East champions and contend for their first ever pennant. Is everything perfect? No.

Yet the questions Washington faces heading into this year’s marathon are view from the outset. They may have addressed one with the trade for Derek Norris. The closer question is legit, a solution remained shrouded in mystery for now.

Still, this team remains largely intact from last year’s 95-win division championships. Yes, Wilson Ramos is missed. Stephen Drew’s return is not assured and Danny Espinosa can frustrate Orange County with his slick fielding and strikeouts.

Make no mistake, the roster is loaded. The team is healthy and the Nationals are clear the time to win is right now. Within reason, they will make it happen.

Why should you be optimistic? Your hearts are healing from last fall. Playoff defeat becomes bitter over time and you are tired of reading why you should be thrilled by making the playoffs. What makes this season any different?

Let’s break down where things stand a few weeks ahead of Spring Training. Sure, there are holes but, as far as the road ahead, this team is ready for the marathon ahead.