Washington Nationals: The State Of The Franchise

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals /


For the first time since the Nationals started on this five-year run of contending, we get the sense from you that there is disappointment and frustration from the playoff losses.

There are expectations of higher things from the Nationals and making the playoffs is not enough. In the strongest sense of the word that is tremendous.

The Nationals are on the verge of season 13, and you are tired of hearing about settling into the city, casual fans and anything to do with Montreal and the Expos. It matters that you now hold the team and ownership responsible for the product on the field. Remember, Washington holds the highest payroll in the division. They are trying.

There is nothing wrong with passion. Social media can take things too far at times, but wanting better results is not. It has been a generation since the Washington Redskins captured a Super Bowl. We are still waiting for the Caps and Wizards to make their leap to the next level.

The Nationals have a chance to grip this city and region like no other since those Redskin teams or the glory years of Georgetown basketball. This team is streamlined for October and you know it.

Keep the faith. Patience, especially when tested, gets rewarded. This year is a test. Remember, you the fan matter.