Washington Nationals: Takeaways after Bryce Harper’s scare

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The Nats and MLB started Saturday night in a rough spot.

Because this was San Francisco’s lone visit to Washington this year, MLB and not the Nats carried the responsibility to delay or postpone games. Friday was a wash out. Saturday saw torrential rains slam DC. The WNBA Washington Mystics had a rain delay as the roof at the Capital One Center leaked. MLS’ DC United postponed their game at RFK Stadium when the locker rooms flooded.

If MLB scrubbed the game, no one would have batted an eyelash. The Nats might grumble losing a home gate and the side money with it, but that sometimes happens. There is no retractable roof coming.

With a split doubleheader Sunday, MLB wanted to get this game in. Once the rain passed, they had a window.

Why on earth would you force this game to happen? The Giants stand no chance of making the playoffs while the Nats are likely locked into the second-seed in the NL. Outside of ensuring Washington has 81 home games; the game meant nothing for either side.

Although you cannot make that judgment in the first half, after mid-July, you know what games will matter for the playoffs. Baseball has a history of cancelling games outright if they do not matter for playoff spots or home field advantage.

There is that Monday after the regular season ends if needed. Yes, it would be a headache for the Giants to fly back, but better than waiting three hours on an unsafe field.

MLB instead should reimburse Washington, and any other teams affected, the equal to an average attendance figure up to four times a year. You will hardly ever see four games scrapped, but it would protect owners and players.