Washington Nationals: 5 storylines for last Marlins series

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 03: Ryan Zimmerman
MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 03: Ryan Zimmerman /
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Although his team struggles, Giancarlo Stanton is putting on an impressive show.

His 52nd home run of the year this weekend keeps him on pace to pass Roger Maris’ epic 61 homers in 1961 season. Passing Mark McGwire’s 70 or Barry Bonds 73—no matter how enhanced those years were—is a longshot. Still, Maris’ number remains realistic.

As the Marlins fortunes fade, Stanton truly becomes the lone attraction. Rumors swirl of another fire sale once the season ends and any website worth their salt have pieces on what it would take to trade for him. If this is his last hurrah in Miami, you would not know it.

Five of his blasts have come off Washington’s pitchers. Yet, the Nats have him held to a slash line of .200/.279/.483. Only the Cincinnati Reds and Tampa Bay Rays did better. The Brewers held him to one hit over three games.

Last week, Washington cooled off the red-hot Stanton by allowing a single home run and forcing him to swing and miss several times at pitches out of reach. Although Yelich and Ozuna hit well, the Nats contained Stanton and limited damage from others.

As long as he is healthy, Stanton is worth watching. The thought, however, of this being the last time we see him in a Marlins uniform is bizarre and, for those who stick with Miami, unfair.