Washington Nationals: 2017 turning points for another title

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Although the Washington Nationals made easy work of the National League East, sometimes the road got bumpy. Here are five ways they stayed on track.

The road to a second straight National League East championship took many turns along the way for the Washington Nationals.

Although the result looked easy on the standings page, getting there was not. A multitude of injuries could have derailed the Nats success this year. At one point, 13 players were on the disabled list. Adam Eaton and Joe Ross were lost for the year. Bryce Harper missed a quarter of the season.

Yet, for every wrong turn the Nats made, there were more keeping Washington facing the straight and narrow path toward another championship run. This was the year where the team turned sour lemons into sweet lemonade.

What stands out overall from this squad is their professionalism. No matter how many times the bullpen imploded early or the nights they could not string two runners together, Washington never lost over four games in a row; an incredible achievement. From the Fourth of July forward, the lead never hit single digits.

The staff of District on Deck compared notes and assembled their own turning points of the season. Different moments and tests the Nats faced over the course of 2017 that they conquered leading to the franchise’s first consecutive trips to the postseason. The games and stories giving Washington an extra boost pointing them in the right direction.

From a fight to several breakout performances, these are the five moments we feel made the difference getting the Nats playing meaningful October baseball again. Moments this team will remember forever.