Washington Nationals: 5 reasons they will win their NLDS

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The Washington Nationals are favorites to with their National League Divisional Series. Here are five reasons they will to the Chicago Cubs.

Imagine a scenario late on Columbus Day where the Washington Nationals are celebrating at Wrigley Field.

Yep, picture—if you will—the Nats sweep the Chicago Cubs and have several days off before playing in the franchise’s first National League Championship Series since 1981. All the doubters and the haters must eat their words about Washington. For at least a few days.

Story time is over.

Although a sweep in the NL Divisional Series is unlikely, the Nats beating the Cubs is not far-fetched. This team is built for a deep October run. Really.

There will be times over the weekend where you will be tempted to throw things at your television until you remember how much you paid for it. It is said playoff baseball is a Shakespearian tragedy in seven acts. Well, this version of King Lear can run five and pull you through an emotional wringer more than any pay-per-view wrestling night.

Washington can win this series. Those 97 regular-season wins include two-of-three at Wrigley. Plus, the band is back together again, well, mostly.

Since Wilmer Difo crept back to the dugout as the Los Angeles Dodgers mobbed Clayton Kershaw last year, the Nats focus shifted to advancing in October. If the Cubs score seven-or-eight runs out of the gate and play perfect baseball, there is not a thing you can do.

Chances are that is not happening. What will happen will shorten your fingernails and thin the hair on the head. That is playoff baseball.

Here are five reasons the Nats will make this October different and win.