Washington Nationals: 5 storylines for the 2017 off-season

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The first order of business is the coaching staff.

The paradox of Dusty Baker is this, he is one of the best regular season managers ever. With 10-plus 90-win seasons and numerous trips to the playoffs under his belt, he commands the love and respect of everyone in Major League Baseball. But, his lack of playoff success angers fans in anxious Washington.

Pinning two tight Game 5 losses on Baker is unfair, but this is a business that runs on accomplishment. Although he has done everything you could hope for if the front office feels he cannot win a big one then they will make a change. Remember, Baker’s contract has run out.

If the Nats move on from Baker, most of the coaching staff would go too. Losing Mike Maddux, Chris Speier, Davey Lopes and Bob Henley would be a major blow to a team rightfully in championship contention next year.

With so many teams looking for new staffs, expect the Nats to get something done with Baker for multiple years after options and end this distraction.

If there is a change coming, watch what happens with Rick Schu and Jacque Jones. The offense is both prolific and baffling. Jones is in legal trouble for an affair gone wrong ending with the team named as a defendant in a civil suit. Schu may end up as the scapegoat for the Nats playoff hitting woes.