Washington Nationals: Top 10 homegrown players in team history

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9. Craig Stammen

Despite being drafted as a starting pitcher in the 12th round in 2005, Craig Stammen made his biggest impact as a reliever. He spent his first two seasons in the majors as a starter, but was converted to bullpen duties in 2010.

Stammen’s first full-season as a reliever was 2011, and he played an enormous role in the Nats’ bullpen through 2015. He pitched to a 2.79 ERA throughout his five seasons as a Nats reliever, making him extremely reliable.

In addition to reliability, Stammen also offered durability and endurance. As a former starter, he was able to pitch more than a typical reliever. Because of this, he pitched in various roles, ranging from long man to setup man, and even recorded a save along the way.

Unfortunately, Stammen’s tenure with the Nats ended on a sour note, as he suffered a season-ending injury in April of 2015. Prior to that, he had never been placed on the disabled list.

Stammen battled injuries again in 2016, but is now back on his feet. He had a phenomenal 2017 season with the Padres, pitching to a 3.14 ERA in 80.1 innings.

Now, the Nats have a need for a reliever or two and Stammen is a free agent. With the Nats lacking a true long reliever, a reunion is very possible.