Washington Nationals: Where are they now?

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 25: Ian Desmond
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 25: Ian Desmond /
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The Washington Nationals have been stacked with exceptional players the past six years.  Not all of them have stayed with the club.  We revisit five Nationals greats and ask, “Where Are They Now?”

As a franchise, the Washington Nationals have come a long way in the last six years.  Four division championships, four playoff appearances, 555 regular season wins, 20 players named to the all-star team, a unanimous NL MVP, and two-time Cy Young award winner.

Nobody saw this coming from a team that, from 2005-2011, won 492 games.  The way the Nats turned around their organization, and how quickly they did it, has only been seen a few times in all of baseball.  It is something the Nationals, and the city of D.C. should not take for granted.

Most recently, the Kansas City Royals made a similar turnaround.  From 2009-2012, the club won 275 games.  After acquiring Wade Davis, Kelvin Herrera, and the late Yordano Ventura, the club went to two straight World Series’ and won the World Series in 2015.

While the Nationals are still looking for their first playoff series win, let alone World Series win, the Royals show that it is possible to go from “worst to first” in a short time.

Just like the Royals, the Nationals acquired some special players along the way.  Jayson Werth, Max Scherzer, Daniel Murphy, and Sean Doolittle, just to name a few, are some of those players.

However, some of the players that have made the last few years so great have moved on to other teams and opportunities.  This article will serve the purpose of “checking in” on some of the more memorable Nationals and how their careers have been since leaving D.C.