Washington Nationals: 5 predictions for 2018

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 11: Anthony Rizzo
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 11: Anthony Rizzo /
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We dust off the old eight-ball and see what is in store for the Washington Nationals. The new year promises to be climactic.

The Washington Nationals have reached 2018.

As we all pass into the new year, it is time again to yank the racked eight-ball off the top shelf of the closet past the three boxes of Uno cards, the Monopoly game your brother flipped off the card table during the last snow storm and those ugly sweaters your mother thinks are funny. (With sleeves longer than the last sentence.)

Let’s see what it says, shall we?

“Bet on Sonny Jurgensen beating out Billy Kilmer for the Redskins QB job.”

Wow, that ball has been in storage a long time. Anything more recent?

“Despite the rumors, the Short’s will not move the Senators to Dallas.”

Okay, that is the right sport, but before I was born by a few months. Anything on the 2018 baseball season?

“Does not compute. Ask about the Redskins.”

But this article is about predicting the future for the Nats.

“Joe Gibbs will be a great hire for Washington. Riggins will love him.”

Nothing on baseball?

Frank Howard will hit home runs.”

How many?

“My memory is hazy, ask again later.”


As we place the cracked eight-ball back on the dusty shelf, let’s play Uno instead. Between the four decks up here, one must be complete. While we throw a good deck together, here are five predictions about the Nats in 2018.

Although the cracked eight-ball cannot get past 1983, we can. And be as accurate. Anyway, Happy New Year from your buddies at District on Deck.