Washington Nationals: 3 early takeaways from Florida

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 22: Victor Robles /


Another double and steal for Robles Monday against Atlanta grows the chorus of fans wanting him on the Opening Day roster.

Until there is a spot in the outfield where he can play every day, Triple-A Syracuse remains his best option. Robles needs at-bats and time in the field. On the bench as Taylor’s understudy with Washington will not help his development.

But, every game where he makes a highlight-reel play, it gets harder to defend that conservative line of thinking. If Robles is not major-league ready, the line draws closer every game.

If Taylor struggles at the plate, or in that tough windy outfield, those calls grows louder.

Perhaps another week will see Robles show he is human, and the point settles itself. There is no question Robles has great baseball instincts, it is a question of maturing his game.

Still, after Taylor’s tremendous 2017, it is cruel to think of his starting spot being challenged. A big hit or catch will bolster any flagging confidence felt by Taylor.

At the start of actual games, Robles’ roster chances were remote. Early returns bump him to plausible. Everything must continue to go his way, but the argument has foundations.