Washington Nationals: 5 goals for the 2018 season

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Carlos Correa
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Carlos Correa /
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What can the Washington Nationals pull off this year? Here are five realistic goals they can do to win now and into the future.

With Florida in the rear-view mirror, the Washington Nationals plow ahead into the regular season with lofty goals.

Although winning the World Series is the ultimate one, there are several the Nats want to accomplish during the season. As host of the All-Star Game, having Bryce Harper win the Home Run Derby while Max Scherzer earn MVP is solid. Juan Soto or Victor Robles dominate the Prospects game is potentially priceless.

Toss in winning the National League East by 30 and sweep the playoffs and you will find yourself deep in the fiction department of your local bookstore. All sweet dreams to think of but as realistic as a million-dollar check coming in the mail tax-free.

Washington has the resources and experience to pull off anything they set their collective minds too. Sometimes dumb luck gets in the way. But, after years of harsh lessons, this is the best chance in Nats franchise history to put the full plan in motion.

They are better off by extending President of Baseball Operations Mike Rizzo’s contract first. That is not a goal but an essential item. He is the man behind the team’s success and must remain in place as Washington moves on into the 2020s.

With that out of the way, here are five goals the Nats can take care of in 2018. Some are obvious while others are key to success beyond this year. If Washington can check these off, then this will go down as a successful season on the Anacostia.