Washington Nationals: 5 goals for the 2018 season

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Carlos Correa
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Carlos Correa /
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A Harper extension makes too much sense.

Although the words of doom and gloom we hear around the country are not true if Harper leaves, improving on the Nats progress is easier with him in Washington. They enter 2019 as immediate favorites for a potential fourth consecutive divisional title.

Harper and Rizzo carry a good relationship. Boras has the Nats on speed dial. The ingredients are there to make something happen.

Yes, keeping him in DC is a good thing for the club. But, for the fans and the baseball industry, what a major score for Washington to keep him. As hardened folks cross off the days on their calendars expecting Harper to leave, imagine their shock if he stays.

Harper’s decision is tough. No matter where he goes, the expectations are huge. However, if he stays, what this says about Washington’s status as a baseball city is staggering. The man who wears No. 34 to honor his idol Mickey Mantle stays.

What this could mean from a public relations and recruiting standpoint is huge. The thought of the most sought after potential free agent in history staying is a game changer.

It could happen. Really.