Washington Nationals: Staff predictions for 2018

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Another Washington Nationals season is upon us and the staff of District on Deck make their annual predictions. How will the Nats do?

The Washington Nationals season is upon us and it is time to make staff predictions.

Expectations heading into a season have never been higher. With the National League East remaining weak, we all feel they return to the playoffs for the third-straight season. Boy, there will be egg on our faces if they fall short.

Aside from where we think the Nats finish this season, the writers here at District on Deck gaze into our own cracked crystal ball and grab guidance on award winners and something off the wall that might happen.

How many bases does Trea Turner steal? Have we all picked Washington to win the World Series? Has anyone dared thinking where Bryce Harper plays in 2019? Only he knows the answer.

One thing for sure, this is setting up as the most memorable and climatic in team history. After years of regular season success crushed in the playoffs, we feel a change in the air.

The national pundits are bullish on Washington. Early power rankings have then either in the top five or within the top three in the NL. A super team on the brink loaded with talent. Everyone agrees the Nats are headed in the right direction.

So, these are our predictions. No running to Las Vegas with them. In the comments below, tell us yours. How will they finish and what awards will they win? We will share them on Twitter.