Washington Nationals: Staff predictions for 2018

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Sam Phillips, Staff Writer

Every year sports writers prophesied the outcomes of the upcoming season, often they are wrong. With that in mind, these some predictions for 2018. Come September’s end I think we’ll see a familiar site, the Nationals positioned atop the NL East. This will be after a few close calls and, more of a inter-division struggle.

With the Phillies and Braves are trending up, and the Mets a possible threat, the only team that doesn’t seem to pose a competition is the Marlins. However, this may be a blessing in disguise for a Nationals team so used to coasting into the playoffs.

If, in the seasons final weeks, there is still something at stake that adrenaline and intensity may transfer into the postseason. But, as they have for all of recent memory, the Nationals will again preside over the East.

Once the playoffs hit the expectations and history changes. I, however, have a good feeling about this year. Admittedly I’ve had the same feeling in previous years but, this year feels different, in a way climactic. I’m not in the camp claiming 2018 to be the Nationals final overall shot but, we may never see another with this core.

When the dust settles I wouldn’t be surprised to see 95-100 wins. A Cy Young for Scherzer or Strasburg. take your pick. A batting title or MVP going to someone like Harper or Rendon. But, I also wouldn’t be shocked to see a parade next offseason.