Washington Nationals fans are going to need this Matt Adams shirt


Matt Adams has been on an unbelievable tear for the Washington Nationals. So you know what to do. Time to gear up with BreakingT.

There’s hot and then there’s Matt Adams in May hot. The Washington Nationals slugger has been playing so well that the Nats are playing him everywhere to keep him in the lineup.

In the month of May – which at the time of this writing is just 10 days – Adams has been tearing the cover off the ball.

Through nine games, Adams is hitting .379 with seven (SEVEN!) home runs and 14 (FOURTEEN!) runs batted in. He’s also walked seven times while only striking out four times.

Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez didn’t hold back when asked about Adams’ performance. As you can see from Washington’s Instagram page:

“Big City doing Big City things.”

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Matt Adams is off to an incredible start in his first season with Washington, playing three different positions and hitting 10 homers in his first 30 games. You know, Big City things.

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