Washington Nationals: Top 10 MLB Trade Deadline moves of All-Time

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Washington Nationals Mike Rizzo

(Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

We’re now under a day away from the MLB Trade Deadline. We take a look back at the Washington Nationals top all-time 10 moves at the deadline.

We’re rapidly approaching the MLB Trade Deadline in 2018, and there’s bound to be a frenzy of activity. The Washington Nationals are likely to be involved one way or another this summer.

The season has been spiraling out of control for a while now, and they need to make a decision.

Do they add assets and try to make a push while hoping for underperformers to bounce back from poor seasons. Or, do they sell off some of their assets and try to retool the roster they have ready to go again in 2019 and beyond.

It’s been a subject of much debate among fans, journalists, and likely within the Nationals’ front office for weeks. With a 4 pm Eastern Time deadline on Tuesday, the Nationals will not play another game before the deadline, so a decision must be made now.

Should the Nats be buyers, they may well try and make another big splash by landing J.T. Realmuto. He’s been rumored for months now, and now if Mike Rizzo is prepared to give up star prospect Victor Robles, a deal may be possible.

If they sell, don’t expect them to trade any long-term assets such as Trea Turner, Adam Eaton or Anthony Rendon. A Bryce Harper trade is also extremely unlikely, but the rest of the out of contract players may well be on the table.

The Nationals have had success on both sides of the equation in the past. They’ve acquired plenty of successful current major leaguers and also gaining valuable prospects for the long-term.

We’ve ranked the top 10 All-Time deadline trades in the history of the Washington Nationals. Seeing as the club has generally done it’s business early, such as Kelvin Herrera this year we’re using trades that have been made in June and July. Let’s get started.

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