Washington Nationals: Top 10 moments from the 2018 season

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Washington Nationals Max Scherzer
Washington Nationals Max Scherzer /

3 – Max Scherzer’s 300th strikeout

It still remains to be seen whether Washington Nationals starter Max Scherzer will take home his third straight NL Cy Young award in 2018. But even if he doesn’t, he managed a feat that not many pitchers get the chance to do these days.

In what would turn out to be his final start of the year, he climbed the mountain of 300 strikeouts in a season. Scherzer became just the sixth pitcher to hit that mark since 1990 and just the 17th in major league baseball since 1900.

He entered his start against the Miami Marlins 10 shy of the big 3-0-0, and while that may be a bit much for most, for Scherzer, it wasn’t in much doubt that he would reach it. Entering the game, he had already struck out double-digit hitters in 17 games, so it just seemed a matter of time.

With eight strikeouts through seven innings, Scherzer struck out Lewis Brinson to start the frame. Then after an epic 10-pitch battle with Austin Dean, he finally got his long-deserved 300th K. In a season of many downs, the Nats fans were able to get behind their ace and show their appreciation.

The right-hander had managed at least 268 strikeouts in each of his previous three seasons with the Nationals. In 2018, he managed to finally hit 300, and somehow he’s getting better and better with each passing year.

Max Scherzer continues to wow us all every single time it takes the mound, and we all sit on no-hitter watch each game. We’re lucky to have him, and we can almost pencil in him in for another memorable moment or two in 2019.