Washington Nationals World Series Game 2 lineup and bullpen strategy

A quick look at the Game 2 lineup for the Washington Nationals in the World Series and their potential bullpen strategy.

After taking Game 1 of this 2019 World Series on the road, the Washington Nationals hope to seize total control of this series with a Game 2 win.

And they’ll do so by sending their first-round pick from the 2009 MLB Draft to the mound.

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After a dramatic Game 1 victory for the Washington Nationals which required 12 outs from the bullpen, they need Strasburg to have a big game.

Before we get into the Game 2 lineup, let’s talk bullpen strategy.

Dave Martinez was forced to use starter Patrick Corbin for an inning in Game 1, while his best two relievers — Daniel Hudson and Sean Doolittle — both had to get four outs.

If Corbin is still going to be the Game 3 starter, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be available in Game 2. Even if he’s the Game 4 starter, I’d say the chances of him coming into this game are slim.

Knowing that, who is the first man out of the bullpen in Game 2?

Obviously, if Strasburg goes 7 then I think it’s still Doolittle/Hudson for the 8/9 innings.

Hudson threw some stressful pitches in Game 1 coming in to get out of a jam in the 7th and then working himself into a jam in the 8th. It’s hard to imagine he would go more than one inning in Game 2.

Doolittle only threw 13 pitches and should still be fresh to get more than 3 outs if he needs to.

Despite what happened in Game 1, I think Martinez would still go to Rainey in the 7th. If not him, then it’s likely Fernando Rodney.

But this is the World Series, and if Strasburg leaves after six with a lead, you have to go for the win — even if that means burning your game 3/4 starter.


Game 2 Projected Lineup:

1. Trea Turner — SS

2. Adam Eaton — RF

3. Anthony Rendon — 3B

4. Juan Soto – LF

5. Howie Kendrick — DH

6. Asdrubal Cabrera — 2B

7. Ryan Zimmerman — 1B

8. Kurt Suzuki — C

9. Victor Robles — CF

Pitcher: Stephen Strasburg


I don’t expect any changes in the lineup for Game 2 — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix.

It’s possible Yan Gomes gets the start behind the plate, but both catchers have pretty good numbers against Justin Verlander. And even though Gomes grades out as a better defensive catcher, Suzuki was unbelievable behind the plate in Game 1.


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Game 2 of the 2019 World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros is set to begin at 8:07 p.m. ET on FOX.



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