The Washington Nationals are World Series Champs. Time to gear up.

The Washington Nationals have won the World Series after defeating the Houston Astros. It’s time to celebrate and grab the coolest gear out there.

What an incredible season for the Washington Nationals. After beginning the year 12 games below .500, the Nats are now partying after laying the smack down to the Astros in Game 7.

Baseball is awesome, isn’t it?

We know you’re ready to celebrate. While you might not be popping bottles on the team plane, we did search high and low for the coolest Washington Nationals items available for you to purchase.

So celebrate and gear up, Nats fans. You deserve it.

Washington Nationals Champions Presidents Bobbleheads – FOCO

Your favorite thing (being a champion) and your second-favorite thing (the racing Presidents) come together to make your most favoritest thing ever.


Washington Nationals World Series Champs Bobbleheads – FOCO

Pick your favorite player (or players) and display them in your Washington Nationals fan cave forever.


Washington Nationals Champs Apparel – FOCO

The reversible Hoodeez is personally my favorite. Imagine your favorite blanket and your favorite hooded sweatshirt… that’s what a Hoodeez is. Super soft, very warm and amazing looking. It’s the perfect item to attack winter.


Washington Nationals Topps NOW Cards – Topps

Embrace your inner child – or your adult collector – with some limited edition baseball cards from Topps. If you’ve never head of Topps NOW, here’s how it works. Topps will create cards from the biggest moments in the game and release them for a limited window. The cards are made to order, meaning every card is a limited edition one. Plus, some are for high-end collectors and are numbered to 1, 5, 10, 25, etc. They might even feature game-used jersey, bat or base pieces. In short – they’re awesome.


The Washington D.C. Collection – BreakingT

Vibrant, soft, unique shirts. Available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. T-shirts and hoodies. What’s not to love here? Dozens of shirts are available.


New Era Washington Nationals World Series Champs Locker Room Hat – Fanatics

Show your team’s dominance off from head to toe (literally) with this New Era hat.


New Era 9twenty Rally Shark Washington Nationals Hat – Fanatics

Rally Shark doo doo doo doo doo, Rally Shark doo doo doo doo doo, Rally Shark!


Washington Nationals Locker Room Hoodie – Fanatics

Wear the same gear your favorite players are in the locker room as they pop champagne.


Washington Nationals Majestic Trophy Shark T-Shirt – Fanatics

Rally Shark is no more – he is now Trophy Shark (doo doo doo doo doo).


Washington Nationals Women’s Locker Room Shirt – Fanatics

Don’t hide that fandom! After all, you’re the champs!


Washington Nationals Men’s Locker Room T-Shirt – Fanatics

You watched every game. You rode the highs and lows of the season. You’re practically an honorary member of the team – so make sure you’re wearing what they wear.


Once again, congratulations to the Washington Nationals on becoming World Champions. Now don’t wait – gear up. You deserve it!